School exam

A transition to online, digital examinations can reduce the school’s administrative expenses. Any handling of paper, such as providing copies of the exams to the markers, will now be done online, which means a streamlining of the entire exam process.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): All students take the exam at their school at the specified time in the exam room with their own PC or laptop

A secure Web browser (for example, Safe Exam Browser) will be installed on each student’s device

Students will be given a username and password as well as a separate exam code, which is only valid on the day of the examination

Students will now have access to the exam and answer questions in the secure browser

During the exam, papers are stored consecutively on the server

When students have answered all the exam questions and have received confirmation that their answers have been recorded, the examination is complete

Markers can immediately log in and start grading the exams